Sea Soul Blessings (cards in organza bag)

may the sea be your guide

A set of 49 beautiful Sea Soul Blessings cards in a drawstring organza bag. Tactile, beautiful, inspiring and transformational.

Sea Soul Blessings are a gift from the sea to your soul. They are a breath of fresh ocean air, a moment of peace, and the revitalising reset of a clear horizon.

Quiet and potent guides, your cards can connect you more deeply to your intuition and to the magic of the sea. As prompts, they encourage personal reflection and growth, and support you to nurture a regular self-compassion practice.

Use your Sea Soul Blessings cards to create space for tender connection in your day: a small but powerful reminder that you are worthy of rest and affection, you are loved, and you are not alone.

This purchase does not include the printed mini book.

First edition: a limited print run.

LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for purchasing directly from our website, we will send you a free digital download of the Sea Soul Blessings mini book to access online or print. We will provide you with a promo code to download this via the email address you provide on purchase.

The beautiful bowl pictured here is not included, but you can get yourself one from the fabulous Lamorna Gore Ceramics...!

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GBP 14.00

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